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We “LUV” Southwest Airlines!

Southwest Airlines makes me really happy!

Today the vacation package that we booked for Vegas dropped by almost $150. So all I did was call them and they are issuing us a credit for the difference! I love their policy and don’t understand how people can fly with any other airlines knowing Southwest’s low fare guarantee policy.

And that’s just one of the awesome things they do. In April, I carried my wedding dress onboard the plane and they were so nice IMG_0154about finding a place to store it. They even moved it to it’s own overhead bin when our flight wasn’t crowded. And they gave us an entire bottle of champagne. They made this bride-to-be feel pretty special!

Another great thing about Southwest Airlines is their rapid rewards program. We have the Southwest credit card which we use for almost all of our purchases. So we are constantly building up frequent flyer miles. We also use the Southwest Rewards shopping website anytime that we are going to make a purchase online. We’ve set our sights on a Companion Pass for this year and so far are on target for it!

Thank you, Southwest Airlines for being so awesome!

Shutterfly Luggage Tags – My Favorite Travel Accessory

My current favorite travel accessory are the custom photo luggage tags sold by Shutterfly. They are so cute, can be completely customized, and come in two sizes. Shutterfly runs sales all of the time making them fairly inexpensive as far as travel accessories go! And if they did happen to get lost, they are easily replaced.

We had a destination wedding, so I actually had sets of them made up for bridesmaid gifts and for our parents. I loved customizing them to fit each girl’s personality. My friend Missy had to have all beach themed ones, while my mom got ones with pictures from our family vacations. 

Shutterfly Luggage Tags