Grand Cayman

From what I hear, Grand Cayman is a very expensive little island to stay on. And it’s not a real big island which requires a multi-day stay, therefore cruising is a great way to experience Grand Cayman and check another Caribbean island off your travel checklist!DSC01293

Unique to Grand Cayman:

  • Send postcards from Hell
  • Visit the turtle farm
  • Tortuga Rum Factory


For our stop in Grand Cayman, we booked a bundle tour with Carnival called something like “The Best of Grand Cayman”. The tour promised a submarine ride, and then a bus tour around the island, stopping at Hell, the Turtle Farm, and the Tortuga Rum factory. Sadly, the winds were very strong the day we visited Grand Cayman and the submarine tour was cancelled. But we were given a refund for part of the tour cost and away we set off on our bus tour around the island.

Send a postcard from HellDSC01305 – The very first stop that our bus tour made was at a place called Hell. Hell is a field of short black limestone formations that look like they belong on another planet, not a Caribbean island. After a quick look at the formations, the fun thing to do here is to visit a gift shop and buy and send postcards to your family, postmarked from Hell. 🙂

DSC01328Visit the Turtle Farm – The next stop on our bus tour of Grand Cayman was at the Cayman Turtle Farm. The farm is basically a large aquarium/zoo dedicated to sea turtles, but with a few other species as well. The very best part was the tanks where visitors could actually hold young sea turtles.

Try some Samples at the Tortuga Rum Factory- The Tortuga Rum Factory is based in Grand Cayman. We didn’t actually see the factory, just one of their big stores. On the way back to the cruise port, our tour guide stopped at aIMG_3132 Tortuga Rum Store where visitors could sample different flavors of rum and buy souvenirs. We picked up a couple of multi-packs of rum flavors and rum cakes to bring back to our coworkers. The store has an arrangement with the cruise ship and they bring all of your liquor back to the boat for you so that you can get it when you debark at the end of your cruise.

Next time I visit Grand Cayman: 

  • Finally get to ride in that submarine


Cruise ships have to tender at Grand Cayman so plan on it taking extra time to debark the cruise ship.

Otherwise, we just booked a tour through the cruise ship.


Rumor is that lodging is expensive on Grand Cayman. Recommend visiting by cruise ship.

Restaurants/ Meals & Drinks:

Didn’t get to try any restaurants, however, Brian and many of the others on our tour bus picked up a plate of jerk chicken at a little roadside stand next to the Tortuga Rum Factory.

Tips/ Things to Know:

  • Cruise ships have to tender in Grand Turk.

My Time Spent on the Island:

  • 1 day cruise port in January 2015, on the Carnival Magic