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20 of Our Favorite Photos from our Roadtrip to Niagara Falls & Toronto

We took a road trip from Washington DC to Niagara Falls & Toronto this summer and had a lot of adventures as we celebrated both Canada’s 150th Birthday and the 4th of July. Here are some of our favorite memories. Hopefully they’ll inspire you to take your own trip!

For help planning your own trip, see our Guide to Niagara Falls!





15 of Our Favorite Photos from Iceland

We are not professional photographers, although we like to pretend when we find ourselves in places with beautiful scenery like Iceland. Here are some of our favorites photographs (and even Selfies) from the trip in February 2017 and the memories that they remind us of!

Our course we had a couple hundred other pictures that we loved from our trip. We made a Shutterfly Album to capture and organize all of our memories.