Yellow Beach on Pinel Island, St. Martin – Getting There is Half the Fun!

Getting There – Yellow Beach on Pinel Island

We’ve been able to eat at the Yellow Beach on Pinel Island Restaurant and Beach Bar twice because it’s the designated lunch spot for Robinson’s Speed Boat tour/ shore excursion. Both times we had a good meal and enjoyed the island setting. Pinel Island is only accessible by boat which is part of the fun about it. You can get there by renting a kayak from Orient Beach, taking a ferry, or by boat tour. Our boat pulls right up to the island and you hop out in the shallow water and wade to shore.Yellow Beach Restaurant and Beach Bar on Pinel Island, St. Martin




The Food – Yellow Beach on Pinel Island

Once we arrived at the Yellow Beach restaurant we were seated in a small tiki-hut with a wooden table and benches underneath. Meals were included in our tour so we each got to pick one meat and one side. The choices were chicken or ribs. For a side we had a choice between french fries and ratatouille. Of course we ordered one of each. Sadly, I didn’t get any pictures of our meal, just my lovely tan lines. Both the chicken and ribs were good. The french fries were pretty basic. But the ratatouille was excellent. And Brian is now so obsessed with ratatouille  after eating there that he orders it anywhere he can get it. Overall, the food was good, but it wasn’t anything fancy. But I’ve eaten a lot of food provided on excursions and have to say that the Yellow Beach ranks near the top comparatively.

The beach in front of Yellow Beach restaurant on Pinel Island St. Martin

The Drinks – Yellow Beach on Pinel Island

Drinks weren’t included with our meal, but we went to the bar and tried both a pina colada and St. Martin’s signature cocktail, a guavaberry sunrise (made with St. Martin guavaberry liquor), which we sipped while relaxing on the beach.

Dining in the Tiki Hut at Pinel Island, St. Martin's Yellow Beach Restaurant

The Iguanas – Yellow Beach on Pinel Island

The most unique part about Pinel Island, St. Martin is the giant iguanas. There are lots of iguanas that mostly hang out near these rocks by the restaurant. However, while you are eating they will wander right up around your tables. They are not scared of people at all. The good news is that they respect your personal space. But at the same time it’s a bit unnerving to see them wandering around so close to people. If you are an iguana fan, I’ve seen them climb right onto the lap of people who are feeding them!



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