Electra Roof Garden – Athens Rooftop Fine Dining

Picture from the Electra Roof Garden restaurant where we celebrated our honeymoon with Fine Dining!

The Electra Roof Garden offers one of the most beautiful rooftop views in Athens. The restaurant is located on the fifth floor of the Electra Palace Athens hotel in Plaka. It is just northeast of the Acropolis. It’s also gives off a fine dining vibe, which is probably not surprising since it’s located in a 5-star hotel.

While it’s fine dining, we went in jeans and tennis shoes since that’s what we had and we didn’t have any issues. You could easily arrive dressier and be just fine, but I wouldn’t Kind of strange paella appetizer at the Electra Roof Gardenrecommend going more casual than we did. Their website even says the restaurant is “smart casual”.

We did not have reservations, but arrived for a slightly early dinner and were shown immediately to an empty table. It was a bit chilly outside, so we had an indoor table but each table in the restaurant is arranged to have a beautiful view of the acropolis.

The Fancy Salad at the Electra Roof Gardenrestaurant had a Mediterranean menu with many classic Greek options, but prepared in different ways, to make it feel “fancier”. It was also obvious that the Electra Roof Garden cared about the plate presentation as well as the food taste. We started with an appetizer and salad to share. For an appetizer, we selected a chorizo and rice dish that we expected to be like paella. It arrived covered with little blobs of red and white that seemed like a fancy mayonnaise and ketchup drops. Anyways, I can’t describe it as anything other than weird.

The salad choices were all pretty fancy. We selected a mixed greens option that came with slices of pumpkin, a type of cheese, and small pieces of a salami. Overall, I remember thinking that the salad was fine, but I loved the traditional Greek salads that we ate the entire week we were in Athens, and so it was a bit too fancy for me. I Steak dinner at the Electra Roof Gardenhonestly can’t remember the salad dressing, so it wasn’t memorable in either a good or bad way.

For our main courses, I selected the chicken breast while Brian ordered the filet mignon. My chicken came on a pile of purple olives which was the only side dish. It also had a sauce drizzled on the place which was intended to be fancy, but was mostly reminiscent of the rice dish we had earlier. The Chicken dinner at the Electra Roof Gardenchicken was fine, but I remember thinking it was a bit disappointing and overpriced. Brian’s steak came with a side  of finely mashed sweet potatoes which he liked and a few mushrooms which he completely avoided because he’s not a fan of mushrooms. Again, there were some “decorative drops” of something on his plate. We opted to skip dessert for the evening, but asked our waiter to take our picture on the balcony and he happily agreed.

Overall, my impression of the Roof Garden was good, although the restaurant was a bit too fancy for our taste and as a result, we left feeling like we had overpaid a little bit. All of that being said, we had a lovely evening and would highly recommend the restaurant if you are celebrating a special occasion and like restaurants which offer a bit fancier fare.

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Note, we did not receive any compensation for writing this post, we were just looking for a nice restaurant to celebrate our honeymoon!

Electra Roof Garden - Athens Rooftop Fine Dining

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