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Sign for Seafire Steakhouse at Atlantis BahamasThe weekend we spent in Atlantis we made reservations for two of their many restaurants. The first restaurant that we selected was the Seafire Steakhouse. Atlantis puts all the menus on their website, so I highly recommend reviewing them before making reservations. Here is the link to the Steakhouse menu. 

In terms of reservations, I read online that you should make them about 90 days before your trip. We made ours about 6-weeks out and I didn’t have any trouble, although I was flexible about the date and time. When we got the the resort they were still recovering from a hurricane and the restaurant was probably not even half full, so I have no idea if you could have gotten away with shorter reservations or not. It’s a really easy process to get reservations by email. I think they responded within an hour with our confirmation.

The Seafire Steakhouse is located in the Marina Village just outside of the Atlantis resort. Since we were staying at the Comfort Suites, it was actually just across the street from our hotel. When we arrived at Seafire, they were ready for us and we were promptly shown to a table where we were first asked if we wanted sparkling or still water. We asked for still water and Brian ordered a sweet tea. They quickly brought out a basket with bread when we were ready to order. The first thing we noticed was the prices. None of the Atlantis restaurants list their prices on their website, so I expected the prices to be high. However, I will say that the cost slightly exceeded my expectations.

Seafire Steakhouse Atlantis – Prices as of October 2016:

  • Salads ~$15
  • Entree ~$50-60
  • Sides ~$9
  • Dessert ~$10-15

Brian ordered the T-Bone steak. I selected the pork chop. Note, I normally would have ordered a steak, but they were all 14 oz or larger. Knowing I would only eat about half of that, I just couldn’t bring myself to order one at those prices. I really think they should think about adding a smaller steak to their menu, but that’s okay. So I happily chose the pork chop. We also ordered the papaya and ginger vinaigrette salad to share.

Seafire Steakhouse Atlantis – Starter Course:

The salad arrived and it was excellent (not pictured, I forgot). I’m not normally a big fan of ginger, but the vinaigrette was very good. I was expecting the papaya to be a part of the salad, but I believe I just read the menu wrong because both the papaya and ginger were in the salad dressing which closely resembled a champagne vinaigrette. The salad consisted of a large pile mixed greens, onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers with the vinaigrette. They even brought it on two separate plates since we had decided to share. We also ate our bread along with our salad and it was very good.

Seafire Steakhouse Atlantis – Main Courses:

Next our entrees arrived. I was so glad that I went with the pork chop. It was the most tender that I have ever eaten. My pork chop came with a pile of spinach leaves and a roasted garlic, so i was glad that I had ordered a side of Mac & Cheese. Brian’s T-Bone came with the same sides, and he had ordered a side of Green Beans. The sides are large and easily shared, so if we’d have planned a little better, we probably should have ordered once to split. But I definitely recommend ordering a side because the spinach didn’t have much flavor at all. My Mac & Cheese was delicious and my pork chop was excellent.Steak Dinner at Seafire Steakhouse at Atlantis Bahamas

Pork Chop at Seafire Steakhouse at Atlantis Bahamas


Side of Mac and Cheese at Seafire Steakhouse at Atlantis Bahamas

Seafire Steakhouse Atlantis – Dessert Course:

For dessert, Brian selected the chocolate cake and I convinced him to share with me. They brought out a small sliver of a very rich cake, topped with 3 adorable raspberrys. It was very good, but so sweet that a few bites was plenty for each of us, so the portion was just right for sharing.

Dessert at Seafire Steakhouse at Atlantis BahamasIn all, I would rate the Seafire Steakhouse as 4 stars. Our meals were excellent, the setting was beautiful, and the service was great. I just couldn’t help feeling that it was slightly over priced as 2 entrees, 2 sides, a shared salad and dessert brought our bill to just over $200. If you have a occasion to celebrate or just feel like being fancy for the night, I highly recommend Seafire Steakhouse. Just budget accordingly. 🙂

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