We Have Been Busy!!!

Oh my goodness, have we been busy trip planning! It’s crazy, 2 weeks ago it was looking like we’d have a quiet Fall at home. But Brian’s recovered so well, that we’ve decided to add 2 more trips to our schedule and we’ve rebooked most of our honeymoon stuff. Here’s our new plan and all of our trips for the next year:

  • October – Paradise Island, Bahamas
  • October – Indiana Covered Bridge Festival
  • November – Las Vegas
  • November – Turks & Caicos
  • December – San Antonio/Dallas (Christmas w/ Brian’s Fam)
  • December – Indiana/Illinois (NYE w/ Lindsay’s Fam)
  • January – Southern Caribbean Cruise
  • February – Iceland
  • April – Charleston, SC Anniversary Trip
  • April – European Honeymoon Cruise
  • June/July – Paris, France

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