Olives – An Atlantis Restaurant with Italian Fine Dining

Olives is an Atlantis restaurant with a Italian and Mediterranean menu. The restaurant is one of Celebrity Chef, Todd English’s restaurants. He has several Olives restaurants in the U.S. including one at the Bellagio in Vegas and another right outside of Boston. We were only able to try two restaurants while we visited Atlantis, and this was my least favorite compared to the Steakhouse. For one thing, it’s still quite expensive (although not nearly as expensive as the steakhouse), and our entrees were not nearly as good.

Olives Atlantis Restaurant – First Impressions:

You reach the restaurant by going inside the Royal Towers building and walking through the casino. The glowing blue glass sculpture in my picture is located in the foyer of the Royal Towers building and you pass it on the way to the restaurant. The first thing I noticed upon entering the restaurant was the fish display. I know, I should probably get used it since i was in the Caribbean, but something about a display of raw dead fish just doesn’t scream romantic dinner to me. Not only that, but the display was the first thing I smelled upon entering the restaurant.

Olives Atlantis Restaurant – Starter Course:

Luckily, once we were shown to our seats, the fish smell went away. Our waiter brought out a small plate of bread and olives and took our drink orders. I wasn’t a big fan of the bread. It was a fancy type of bread with an olive oil spread. Therefore, it was very oily and greasy and didn’t taste particularly appetizing. And, it even came with a few different olive oils for dipping, which it definitely did not need as it was greasy enough. After a bite, I decided to pass on the bread because of the oil. My husband ate his one piece, but the others that were brought went to waste. At the steakhouse there wasn’t a piece of bread leftover.

Once again, Brian and I selected the salad to share and we settled on the caprese. The salad was good, although not the best caprese salad that I’ve eaten. For one thing, the tomatoes were mushy and definitely not the freshest. Other than that though, the salad was perfectly fine.Caprese Salad - Olives Atlantis Restaurant

Olives Atlantis Restaurant – Main Courses:

For our main courses, I ordered the beef bolognaise and Brian ordered the pork chop. Neither one of us ordered a side. Overall, the entrees were fine, but again, not quite as good as the steakhouse. My pasta was fairly plain and not something that I would order again. Brian’s pork chop was an interesting plate as the pork chop arrived on a bed of mashed sweet potatoes. He said his dinner was fine, but his pork chop wasn’t nearly as good as the one that I had the night before and let him try. The most interesting part of the meal was the mashed sweet potatoes. They were very sweet and interestingly had some corn mixed in. It was definitely a different and not bad. I’m not sure how the pork chop and sweet potatoes fell into the theme of an Italian and Mediterranean restaurant. I’ll keep a look out for those items when we go to Greece and Italy on our honeymoon next year. 🙂Beef Bolognaise - Olives Atlantis Restaurant

Pork Chop and Sweet Potato Entree - Olives Atlantis Restaurant


Olives Atlantis Restaurant – Dessert:

Olives definitely saves the best for last. For dessert, Brian couldn’t decide (it was our 6 month anniversary/bonus-moon) so he ordered both the chocolate ice cream dish and the smores dish for us to share. Both were excellent, adorably presented, and our favorite part of the meal. Smores Dessert - Olives Atlantis RestaurantChocolate Dessert - Olives Atlantis Restaurant

Olives Atlantis Restaurant – Overall Thoughts:

Overall, our experience at Olives was a good one. After tip, our total bill came to about $140 which included 1 shared salad, 2 entrees, and 2 shared desserts. So it was slightly cheaper than the steakhouse, but the food was also not quite as good. The next time we visit Atlantis, I would probably choose different restaurants to try, or at the very least, order different entrees.

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