The Wonderland of the Wynn Buffet in Las Vegas


I really believe that anybody’s first trip to Las Vegas should include a visit to one of their many buffets. It’s one of the things that Vegas is known for. For my first trip to Vegas my tour guide (Brian, the self-proclaimed Vegas expert) recommended the Wynn Buffet. And even though it’s the only one I’ve been to so far, I have to say that I recommend it too. 🙂

First of all, I doubt that any other buffets have the beautiful scenery that can be found at the Wynn. The flower displays in the dining room are so colorful and unique, I loved them. And with the black and white checkered floor and plush chairs, I felt like I was on the set of Alice in Wonderland.


One thing that surprised me about the Wynn is that you have to be seated by the hostess. Therefore if you are coming with a big party, you need to make reservations. Since we were just a group of two, our wait was only about 10 minutes. After being shown to our seats the waitress arrived to take our drink order. Then we were free to go straight to the buffet. And then that’s when things get difficult. There are a lot of choices.

Each station is topped with a brightly colored pink awning and they are neatly arranged by food type. To start, there’s a salad bar with adorable tiny salads. I tried a miniature feta and watermelon salad that was so cute! There was a cheese and lunch meat section with lots of fancy cheeses and dinner rolls. There was a comfort foods section with things like mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, 20161112_204653prime rib (Brian’s favorite), and pizza. For the seafood lover, there was an entire section with mountains of crab legs. And then what I thought was really neat, there was a Korean kimchi pancake section (see picture of Brian waiting for his custom pancake) where you selected your own ingredients and another chef making custom tacos. My dad is a big time foodie, so we made him jealous by sending him a lot of pictures of our plates.

Lastly, right in the middle of the buffet there’s a room dedicated to desserts. The most colorful dessert display that I’ve ever seen.  It was really tempting to go straight to the dessert section, but I resisted. The ice cream and gelato wheel alone was so neat. Each dessert was miniature so I didn’t have a problem trying a handful of different ones. My personal favorite was the tiny mint chocolate cones! And Brian loved the tiny carrot cake! Probably my only disappointment was that the huge display of cake pops was only a display and they didn’t have any to eat!

After our dinner we went to see the show Le Reve which is also at the Wynn and another Vegas attraction that I highly recommend!


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