The Original Rainbow Cone: Unique Chicago Ice-cream

When we visited Chicago we were looking for purely Chicago experiences. So over a dinner of deep dish pizza, our friends told us that we had to go to The Original Rainbow Cone. And we’re all about dessert in this house, so we were really excited! However, they all said that it was way too far to Uber (we opted not to rent a car this particular weekend) to the original location on the South Side of Chicago. (What a roller coaster of emotions this conversation was) Luckily, our day was saved once we discovered that there was actually a location at Navy Pier, and so we set off!

Where to Find: The Original Rainbow Cone

Location 1 – Chicago’s South Side

The first (original) Original Rainbow Cone location is on the south-side of Chicago in the Oak Lawn neighborhood. It’s officially located on Western Avenue and 92nd, if that makes any sense to you. Or just follow directions on Google Maps. 🙂 I have never visited this location, but the building is so cute looking in pictures!

Location 2 – Navy Pier

The second place where you can find the Original Rainbow Cone is Navy Pier. The store is located in a small white building, basically a hut, on the far right side of the Pier. It’s past the Ferris Wheel, about halfway down the pier and across from the restaurant called Riva’s.

The Original Rainbow Cone Building at Navy Pier

The Flavors – The Original Rainbow Cone

Our friends had told us all about the flavor choices while we were in the Uber. The Original Rainbow Cone has 5 different flavors to choose from: Chocolate, Pistacchio (green), Strawberry (pink), Orange Sherbert (orange) and Palmer House (yellow) with cherry chunks (See helpful diagram below, lol). However, Brian and I were completely surprised when we got there and found out that you actually get all 5 flavors! Your only decision is if you want it in a cup or a cone! (Note, you can substitute flavors, but I have no idea why you would?)

We loved it so much we actually got it two days in a row when we found ourselves at Navy Pier again! 🙂

Flavor Diagram at The Original Rainbow Cone


Brian with his 2nd Original Rainbow Cone of the Weekend


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