Northern Ireland Roadtrip – Our 15 Favorite Photos

We spent one of our baby-moons (yes, you can take more than 1!) completing a week long roadtrip across Northern Ireland and Ireland. We had such a good time, I had to split our album up into two sections, one for Ireland roadtrip and one for our Northern Ireland roadtrip. The awesome thing about the Northern Ireland part of our roadtrip is that it only took us 2 days! We left Dublin and drove to Belfast which took one day. The second day we went around the Eastern coast and Northern coasts all the way to Lough Eske castle where we spent our 1st night in a castle. And this was in January with shorter days and snow on the ground. The only place we didn’t get to see that we wanted to see was the Dark Hedges due to the snow on the roads, but we easily had time. We highly recommend that anyone take at least a day and see this beautiful country!


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