Murphys – Handmade Irish Ice Cream

We went to Ireland in January (I know, who goes to Ireland in January?) and still managed to find an amazing ice cream place to share with our readers! Murphy’s Ice Cream hand makes their own ice cream in Dingle with salt straight from the Atlantic Ocean. They have locations in Dublin, Galway, Dingle, and a few other places so make sure you check out their website and see if there are any locations that work nicely with your Ireland itinerary .

IMG_9831We visited the store in Galway on a rainy Thursday afternoon. The bright blue store is located on High Street, a pedestrian only street through the middle of downtown Galway. I immediately noticed that they don’t have any tables or chairs, so I assume you’re supposed to take your ice cream to go and eat it as you stroll through the shops on a nice summer day. It was raining for us though, so we opted to sit on the raised up platform by the window while we finished our ice cream.

DSC01734One of the best things about Murphy’s is they seem to let you try any flavor that you want. I opted to try the Dingle Sea Salt which was good, but honestly too much like Vanilla for me to pick it as my official choice. My husband tried probably half a dozen flavors because that’s what he does anywhere that gives you free tastings.

Murphy’s sells their ice cream by the cup or the cone. They have about 12 flavors plus they always have an experimental flavor or two. They also have “specials” which are combinations of flavors and other toppings. Since it’s Ireland, quite a few of the flavors have alcohol in them, which might be a good thing, I’m just letting you know so that you’re prepared. 🙂

Ultimately, I settled on the Dreamy Creamy Caramel special which was a combination of Dingle Sea Salt ice cream with Caramel Honeycomb ice cream topped with a drizzle of caramel syrup and whipped cream. Brian had a special with the experimental Dark Forest flavor, a cherry ice cream, with chocolate mixed in. And, even better, they come with little paper cups and wooden spoons which are much more environmentally friendly than plastic!

We loved Murphy’s Ice Cream and highly recommend it for anyone visiting Ireland, even if it is a cold, rainy day!




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