First snorkel experience and best so far! Roatán Island

I had always wanted to snorkeled, but had never travelRoatanIslandPiered anywhere that had good snorkeling until I went on my 2nd cruise.  The cruise was a 7 Day Exotic cruise of the Western Caribbean on Carnival Cruise Lines that hit Roatán Island, Belize City, and Cozumel.  We booked an excursion through Carnival that took us to an animal retreat of Maya Cay not far from the cruise ship.  They had a nice beach, some animal pens, and a pier that went straight out into the coral reef.

Since this cruise I have snorkeled at 6 different locations in the Caribbean and still the spot at Roatán Island is the most beautiful spot I’ve experienced!  There were all kinds of different fish including Lion Fish which while are annoying for the habitat, they are quite a sight to see!

You can swim around the reef for hours and not see the whole thing, however once you get quite a ways out you’ll immediately witness a drop off that surely goes hundreds of feet down.  While my buddy Eric and I were out near the drop off, I was learning how to dive down.  As soon as I was 15 feet down or so he started pointing at me with a frantic look.  I immediately thought Shark and my life flashed before my eyes.  As I turned around to face my attacker I was mauled over by a massive school of fish that slapped m482896_10151373998133614_251808949_ne with their tails as they swam by!

I would highly recommend if you visit Roatán Island or mainland Honduras that you make a trip out to Maya Cay for the snorkeling.  They also have a jaguar pen, alligator pen, and occasionally have a baby alligator and monkey out that you can hold and take your picture with.


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