Packing for 24 Days in Europe

Well our trip is all planned and booked and now with 6 weeks out, it’s time to start thinking about packing.

Average Weather in September & Travel tips:

  • Ireland – mid 50’s w/ Dublin a few degrees warmer than the Western Coast, bring rain jacket
  • England – mid 60’s
  • France – mid 60’s, pack scarves to blend in
  • Greece – mid 70’s
  • Turkey – low 70’s
  • Malta – upper 70’s
  • Italy – about 70 for Sicily all the way up to Florence
  • Spain – low 70’s

Thoughts about packing:

  • Laundry – I’ve done a lot of research and our plan is to try to limit our luggage. We paid to check 1 bag each on our flights and are limited to about 50 lbs each in our checked bag. So our plan is to pack clothes for about 1/2 the trip and we plan to do a load of laundry once we board the cruise ship. We also plan to bring 1 backpack and one tote bag as our carry on.
  • Planning to Blend – We’re also trying to pack so that we blend in and don’t look too much like tourists. Which means no cargo shorts for Brian and I had him get some shoes other than his neon yellow tennis shoes. And for me, I had to tone down my wardrobe with less bright colors in favor of some darker colors like navy and purple.
  • Pack clothes that don’t wrinkle too badly. I bought Brian a pair of dress shirts through Jos A. Banks that are meant for traveling which should work just fine for a couple of our nice dressier dinners and the cruise formal nights. I also am packing a pair of dresses myself and carefully chose ones that won’t require any ironing.
  • Limit Shoes – We’ve decided to pack no more than 3 pairs of shoes each including a pair of dressier ones for the cruise ship and a pair of flip flops. Brian’s also getting dark brown tennis shoes to wear for the trip which will work fine for the cruise formal nights. His actual dress shoes are heavy and we decided aren’t necessary.
  • Buy Outlets and a Voltage Converter – Special plug in aren’t going to be enough. We decided we needed a voltage converted to keep our electronics from getting fried.
  • International Cell Phone plan – We’re going to set one of our phones up for 1-month of international data. That way we can call home and update our blog. Plus we might need to check GPS once in awhile.
  • Travel Blanket – I’m one of those people who freezes in hotel rooms. So I bought the tiniest, most compact, travel blanket I could find. Amazon Travel Blanket
  • Camera – We have 2.  We already owned a waterproof camera that takes good pictures (it took all of our cruise and St. Martin pics). Sony Cybershot TX-30 But we went ahead and bought a regular camera with a lot more zoom.

Well, that’s about all we’ve gotten planned so far. We’re hitting the outlets tomorrow to look for Brian some European looking shoes. We’ll see what we find!

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