Two Wild Nights at Assateague Island

10659383_10153122227356258_1475662881559389260_nOur trip to Assateague Island was an adventure to say the least. From the start, not very much went well. It’s a long drive from DC to Assateague Island. It’s at least 3 hours and that’s in the best case scenario with no traffic. So it was a long afternoon getting there. But once you get there, it’s a beautiful beach and quiet campground, which is a pretty awesome retreat from the busy city.

The first night started off well. We went camping with two of our close friends. After cooking an awesome campfire dinner we went to bed but found out pretty quickly that our air mattress was not ideal for sleeping. (Professional tip #1: Do not buy the extra tall air mattress. If they start to lose air, it’s very noticeable.) So after Brian and I spent hours tossing and turning, basically playing “teeter-totter” with our air mattress, we gave up. At 5am, we drove to the closest Walmart in search of a new one. And at that point, we decided we might as well stay up to watch the sunrise. So we talked the bakery into giving us donuts right out of the oven, bought a jug of milk, and took a blanket out to the beach. We spent the morning snoozing on the beach and watching the sunrise. My favorite memory of the weekend. 🙂

But the adventure wasn’t over. After blowing up our air mattress and taking a morning nap, we went kayaking and swimming on the bayside. The bayside is much calmer water than the ocean, perfect for just hanging out. When we came back from swimming, we found the horses has gotten into our friend’s trash and made quite a mess.(Professional tip #2: Take them seriously when they say to keep your trash locked up! )10622767_10153122228736258_68756958205338132_n

Later that night, we noticed that the sky started to get dark and the wind started to pick up. Campers started to pack their tents up and head out. Finally, about 10:30pm our friend’s tent blew over (Professional tip #3: Do not pitch your tent in the sand where the stakes pull out easily), they decided to pack their things and drive back to DC! But Brian and I decided to tough it out. We ran to the shower house for a quick bathroom break and the downpour started just as we were on our way home. All we could do was huddle together in our tent and listen to the chaos outside. We finally fell asleep snuggled together as the thunder boomed all around us. We woke up to find puddles of water all the way around our air mattress like a moat. But luckily, since we bought a new one, we managed to stay afloat!

And just like that, Assateague Island became one of our most memorable trips. In a good way. 🙂

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